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What’s PopSenger?

popSenger is a free web-based, responsive Facebook Messenger widget for an easy website integration. Its purpose is to allow any person who is involved in the digital world, and has basic coding skills to easily and effortlessly integrate it into their websites.

We have created PopSenger with a notion that chat interfaces in general, and particularly Facebook Messenger, are the future of communication between businesses and customers. Hence, digital marketing professionals and business owners should spend time studying and integrating them.

*The widget is free for both personal and commercial use, and subject to facebook’s regulations. Wonder does not carry any liability for the widget after it is installed. Removing Wonder’s branding is not allowed.


Connect with a Chatbot

Chatbots are a tool that allows business owners to increase sales by providing their customers with chat interfaces that can automatically respond and support them, while imitating a human conversation.

Nowadays, Facebook Messenger ,and other platforms, offer the opportunity to automate customer support. This automation can save valuable time, improve your response time, and increase your sales.

We believe that chatbots will soon be an essential tool for business owners. In fact, those bots can assist them with marketing, sales, and customer support. Those bots can also replace business owners in replying to customers in case they are on vacation and need some down time.


From the movie “Her” Soon, a digital assistant for everyone?

Interested in a chatbot for your business? Contact us.

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About Us

Wonder is a web and technology company that develops websites and web interfaces. The company invests most of its efforts in researching and developing visionary ideas and innovative solutions with an intention to provide extraordinary opportunities for businesses, their customers, and for the entire digital market.

Wonder was established and exists with a vision and a strong belief that the digital world can provide solutions for the most complex issues of our modern world. In fact, the digital world can provide solutions for both small, insignificant problems, as well as mysteries such as the reason for our own existence. Wonder does and will do, anything to create solutions that will better an individual’s life and will make their lifestyle more comfortable.

The widget was created by Yossi Molcho - an entrepreneur and a visioner. Elior Helose - a User experience designer. Liron Navon. - a Developer.

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